Monsterkiller #11 Gallery

We’re back! Gotta whole lotta interesting pics too. Had a chance to draw and redraw a few of our notable dwarves this episode which is fun.

You might notice the particulary-detailed background dwarves in some of the pics. Those are the sponsored dwarves from our Patreon drawing here. See if you can find your sponsored dwarf! Some of them will be harder than others, but i’m planning on doing a better look at them at some point in the future.

Krugg’s pic-o-the-week:

Ha! Yep, I liked this big guy the most i’d say. I thought a *snow* forgotten beast would be boring as heck, so I tried my best to dress it up a tad. It has a couple chunks f missing snow as well as dirty feet from the cavern floors.

I like to picture these monsters making sounds as they barge through the caverns. Picturing a muffled shrieking from this thing. Maybe one day i’ll have time to create sound effects for these beasts? Hopefully, that’d be neato!

28 pics this week